Prison – it is fascinating

Thursday 4th February 2010

Une Prophète (2009)

Trying to get back into the habit of writing a blog. Especially now everyone seems to be doing so. Went to see Une Prophète tonight at the Gen. It wasn’t prefect but it was very good. Slightly over complicated and ever so slightly overlong but pretty pretty good. Tahar Rahim is brilliant as Malik – a young illiterate criminal who manages to climb his way almost to the top of the pecking order…. blah blah I can’t be bothered to explain the plot of the film – I’m tired and really you should just go and see the film yourself. Rather than listen to my reasons why you should – but then what is the point in me writing this blog at all. I don’t know.

Above all the film just indulged my latent fascination for prison and my wish that maybe in another life I might be a misunderstood bad guy. I know exactly what I’d do to get by if I ever found myself in prison. On the first day in the yard I take out the biggest and baddest sucker in the yard. Everyone else will either think I’m completely badass or completely mental – either way they’d probably steer out of my way. I wonder if you could do a prison fantasy camp? I’d be all over that. Like if you could spend say two weeks in prison, experiencing all the cool stuff like gang fights, the hole, shivvings and what not, but none of the rapey stuff.

I’m obviously just far to easily influenced by anything and everything that I consume. When I watch detective movies I want to be a detective – but really nothing is cooler than being a proper criminal. And I’ve just watched a cool criminal at work and I want to be just like him. Not a shoplifting crack addict mugging old ladies, but a proper high class career criminal taking down scores…

Jeez I’m starting to sound like Danny Dyer. This is probably the least intelligent blog entry I’ve ever made. I’ll instead leave it to the experts, from the greatest crime movie ever made:

Vincent Hanna: So you never wanted a regular type life?
Neil McCauley: What the fuck is that? Barbeques and ballgames?


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2 Responses to “Prison – it is fascinating”

  1. suburbanslice Says:

    a) ‘Thom in returns to blogging shocker’
    b) Heat: greatest film of all time, bar none
    c) Shank or be shanked
    d) A Prophet: best prison film I’ve seen in 2010, bar none

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