Leave it all behind

Wednesday 04th February 2009

All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane (2007)


I went to see this Australian film at the Barbican, because I guess I associate the time I myself spent living and travelling in Australia almost a decade ago now, as a real time of transition and pleasant uncertainty in my life. I’d just left school, and didn’t really have much of a clue about anything. Not of course that I have much of a clue about anything here and now, and I guess my life hasn’t completely petered into predicatble stillwater, but I can’t deny that I occasionaly miss that transient mystery of not really knowing what each day, week or month might bring.

Unfortunately there was nothing mysterious or really particularly interesting about this film – a kind of poor man’s Reality Bites with Australian accents – but it did allow me the chance to cast my mind back and indulge in some carefree memories.
And needless to say it presented an infintely more positive outlook on life than my last cinema outing a couple of days ago to see Sam Mendes’ unrelentingly bleak Revolutionary Road. That offered a life of compromise, drudgery and long forgotten dreams. All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane at least reminds us that we should go out and seek our excitement int he world wherever it may be.

Apparently Australians are silly enough to believe that that excitement lies here in London, or more specifically Earls Court. But at least they’re out there trying. Thats the main thing…


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