New crowned hope

Tuesday 13th January 2009

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)


My evening started with the sight of a dead body getting wheeled away. This isn’t a clever Sartre-esque way of commencing a blog entry. This really did happen. I arrived back in the environs of my flat after work tonight to find the whole area cordened off by the police and the aforementioned body slowly getting carted off. I didn’t see the thing, thank christ. It was covered in a red blanket that looked really itchy. Not that the person under it probably cared. Sorry if that sounds insensitive, but those were my thoughts. I stood and watched for about twenty minutes unable to take my eyes away. Finally I dragged myself indoors and sat and listened to Pavement for some reason.

So to the film, the reason why I’m supposed to be writing this and you’re supposed to be reading this. If indeed you are reading this of course. You could be forgiven for not, considering this is my first entry, in a supposedly dayly blog, in about 2 and a hlaf months. Oops. Between my last entry Quantum of Solace and now, I’ve watched a tonne of films as is my want. Some good some bad, but in typical Thom style, once I got out of the rhythm of doing something I found it very hard to get back. But for some reason tonight, whilst cleaning my teeth having just got back from watching Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire at the Genesis, I suddenly felt inspired to WRITE.

Did I love the film that much?! Well actually I did really rather enjoy it. The film is currently being gushed over by anyone and everyone, and more often than not I steer well clear of such things, but I was intregued to see if it stood up to the praise. It was unadbashedly feel good, which some may label a cynical ploy to win the public’s heart, considering the shitty situation the world exists in at present, but why not?

In a way the film is just tugging at the same heartstrings and emotions that saw us all willing Renton to get away with shafting his friends from a pile of money, almost 15 years ago in Trainspotting – which incidentally is in my opinion the only other good film Danny Boyle has ever made. Slumdog is of course an infinately more mature effort. And what many critics have forgotten to mention is that it is brilliantly shot. Antony dod Mantel was the DOP, who I remembered as directing photography on a lot of the old Dogme 95 films. You couldn’t really get much further than Dogme95 than Slumdog Millionaire, but i digress.

Slumdog actually provides a similar emotional progression and payoff to Trainspotting, but whilst the latter film reeked of the cultural and economic values of want that we all held dear in the mid 1990s, Slumdog offers a far more suitable world view for today. I guess without wanting to sound gushing, that world view is one of hope, and in which sense reminded me of Linha de Passe which I wrote about in this blog several months back. I guess hope is important.


2 Responses to “New crowned hope”

  1. Richard Says:

    I still read your blog! But you are right, people who don’t know how to use an RSS reader and read blogs in a web browser might have stopped reading.

    I assumed Slumdog Millionaire was the usual rubbish but now maybe I’ll go see it.

  2. Mat Says:

    I don’t know how to use an RSS reader. Maybe you can enlighten me?

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